YouTube RAMPS UP COVID Censorship As White House Demands Even More

Krystal and Saagar call out YouTube for increasing its covid censorship and the powerful officials in the White House demanding even more censorship on covid from tech companies

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  1. sorry Crystal, scientific consensus is never cut and dry, never, not since the methodology was first introduced. It isn't ever supposed to be, and if it is, it means we've stopped growing and expanding our collective body of knowledge. Youtube isn't even trying to pretend that what they're doing is cut and dry and your weak stance on this subject, given your chosen profession and platform, is extremely worrisome

  2. How can the demonize Epstein and R Kelly coverage, that information was also broadcast all over national television? And they ran ads during their coverage.

  3. Saying that RFK jnr. should rot in hell is disgusting Saagar! You and your Krystal are showing yourselves to be exactly opposite to what you claim to be. I subscribed to your channel because I thought you guys were sincere and independent but boy was I wrong.

  4. Google UTube will always push making money. Google is making tons more money during this lockdown and working to vaccinate everyone. Israel is the most vaccinated country but just had another peak in covid infections. Now in Israel getting the booster shot must be done or you cannot function as a citizen with full freedoms to dine out or travel by plane. What happened to the stat if you get covid you have better immunity compared to getting the jab. What about the South Korean stat that near 35% South Koreans seem to have natural immunity and never get covid even though around infected people. Clearly stats showing if you get the jab compared to not, more die and by double but those that die the stats of age 65 and older and if they had not one but multiple additional health issues or a certain blood type seem to be more difficult to extract out for general review. What about the stat that depression, suicides, increased drug use legal and illegal and drug overdoses have killed near the same covid has in some countries. Yet Google makes more money during a lockdown and as a business pushing 100% vaccinations. Resistance is futile, you will be indoctrinated, blocked if not and eventually all will be lining up for the boosters, it’s more profitable for Google and all the Silicon Valley clickbait billionaires.

  5. So, with you guys still going for "controversial" stories now, you going over to odysee etc, and posting short clips here of the controversial stuff? Better have already started….

  6. Here's why I don't care. It's not that I think these people should be censored. It's the YouTube is a private company not a government owned one. They can censor what they like how they like. Just like any other social media platform. You can make the argument about it having all these eyes and what not. But hey Walmart has a bunch of shoppers it doesn't give someone the right to stand in the middle of the store and shout profanities and not be kicked out of the store. These people are still free to write books or host their own websites with videos there. Shoot they can even do a Google drive or dropbox if they so choose to.

  7. Why saagar is biased against antivax people. They have valid points many times. You need to weigh in information on all sides and come to your conclusion. I have now learned CDC is giving wrong instructions for vaccine against manufacturer recommendatuons that can cause heart inflammation if not checked that needle is not acidentially in vein before giving the shot. This exactly why I unsubscribe time after time from this channel. They are independent but they are far from neutral or unbiased.

  8. Saagar – you are talking out of both sides your mouth! I think it’s wrong what YouTube is doing and I agree with you on that point but then you turn around and say that RFK, Jr. should rot in hell? Why? Simply because his opinion differs from yours? Do you not see the hypocrisy of what you’re saying? Disagree with him all you want but he has the right to say what he wants and it should be open on all platforms. This censorship stuff is bullshit all the way around but you are a part of the problem.

  9. Love how you act so naive about YouTube wanting to just suppress misinformation and ban any thing against vaccines is just cause they’re so safe.
    Eat a bag of corrupt shit.
    Keep acting like your taking a stand and your mouthing exactly what your told.

  10. You have no sympathy for any of them? So you think Kim Iversen should rot in hell too? What an absolutely pitiful statement to make. She actually showed bravery with hard reporting on stories you guys were too scared to touch in fear of losing your precious ad dollars. Pathetic

  11. Have you listened to Robert Kennedy directly? He literally says vaccines are important to public health and that perverse incentives have made them less safe than they could and should be. How in the hell is that pernicious?! I’m not an anti-Vaxer. I’m fully vaccinated. My children are fully vaccinated. I’m sorry You guys just lost some credibility in my book. You need to to have listened to him directly before you talk Shit about him.

  12. How the hell could you know what you know and have a problem with RFK. You can’t listen to him and then think his heart is not in it.
    That guy has to be super careful and research tf out of anything he says publicly because his enemies are definitely ready to pounce on anything not true in the least bit. He’s sourced and speaks the truth. Always.

  13. Especially since their fact-checkers are benefiting from the vaccines financially they are part of big Pharma these are not people who give a s*** about truth they only care about stopping information like how natural immunities are just as good if not better than a immunities gained from vaccines…

  14. Why does Saagar say Robert F Kennedy should rot in hell? Isn't that a bit extreme? To my knowledge RFK Jr. is only trying to educate the public on the risks and harms of certain vaccines –particularly ones linked to autism in children. If anyone has insight into his hatred/criticism of RFK Jr., I'd like to know!

  15. youtube IS Google. FB, Twitter, etc are defacto partners in the same agenda. Conservatives sounded the alarm on being silenced, shadow banned, and demonetized years ago and the clapping seals on the Left called them liars, then cheered when it became too obvious to ignore.

  16. Who the hell does Saagar think he is disparaging RFK Jr?!?! Got news for you Saagar, you're a privileged establishment hack who isn't worthy of kissing RFK Jr's boots. So do us all a favor and STFU!!!

  17. Why don't you two get in touch with tech you tubers who've been encouraging their viewers to watch their content on different platforms? My sense is that a lot of indie creators are quite sick of YouTube now,

  18. They are not real vaccines. That’s why the censorship. That’s why the control. That’s why the denial of natural immunity. We will all find out in about 10 months when EVERYONES vaccine wears off 😂

  19. Let me get this straight… what I heard in the first minute is… you're okay with the "Current" silencing of discussion and essentially the "new burning of books" which in this age is the removing of videos, posts, articles, etc… but you're still worried if and when this might affect YOU?!? Wow… those who don't stand up on principle at the beginning are doomed when it comes to them. You have to OPPOSE THE SILENCING OF ALL VOICES if you agree with them or not and draw that hard line. That is the ONLY WAY to ensure your own protection. There is no grey zone or wiggle room on this concept. NO CENSORSHIP, PERIOD. Let every narrative stand on its own reasoning and logic and let it play out on the marketplace of ideas. If it has no merits it will not survive the test of time. You don't care about Robert Kennedy, you only care about yourself… got it… check… we see who and what you are… a complete hypocrite.

  20. May the odds be forever in your favor! 🤣 You move over to your own podcast format news to "screw the mainstream media", right after you screwed over the non-DC plebes getting many stories wrong. Pointing your nose down at all the silly little people with their "conspiracies". We've been shouting from the rooftops since 3 months after Covid about this. You insulted peoples' intelligence calling them nut jobs.
    Now you've moved to this podcast and I notice that you still continue to talk about non-DC people with the same disdain as the elites. I used to watch regularly on Rising because yours seemed to be a relatively balanced source, despite talking down at people in the same elitist way. I followed onto Breaking Points since it would be a less corporate message. You still speak of people in the same manner. You are cut from the same cloth as the rest of DC though.
    So, good luck getting support from those of us that you called crazy and spoke down to, now that you're in the same boat as everyone else!

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