YouTube Removes ALL Public Dislikes!

YouTube was founded with the mission to give everyone a voice. A democratic rating system was a huge part of that. Now YT is not only artificially promoting known sources of misinformation as “authoritative sources”, but also deleting their democratic rating system. Disgusting.

Written by Matt Orfalea


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  1. MSM – hey Youtube everytime we try to propogandize the war, or the President, or massively disliked policy that we're paid to PROMOTE, the dislike ratio really hurts our ability to do that. Brought to you by Pfizer and Blackrock. Aren't they major advertisers and investors in Google? Yeah if you can "help that", it would be a real win-win scenario.

  2. According to his explanation, never ever participate in surveys. I mean, it's just group think and doesn't matter and you'll hurt someone's feelings if the agent couldn't speak three words in English, or the product was crap.

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