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  1. if they had people like Donut operator, Count dankula, PKA, Linus Media Group, WillNE, or akin and alike, Doesnt have to be the top most woke youtubers like jenna marbles, ninja whatever the likes. It could of possibly been decent, Have every form of comedy, and not worried about offense.

  2. Good, who ever came up with YouTube Rewind should feel bad about their lazy, cookie cutter idea. Like seriously, it has all the creativity of a high school student who forgot to complete their assignment, so they rush through it 5 minutes before the bell and then hands in what amounts to what you see on the toilet paper after you wipe your ass.

  3. CallMeKevin does his own rewind every year, of his own channel. It's two and a half hours of Kevin gold that I look forward to every Christmas. Not many creators take the time to do that. Bless those hardworking youtubers for all the free content they give us.

  4. the harder corporations/government TRY to be "cool" the harder people will shit on it.

    Gilette The Best Men Can Be activism ad – ratioed bad,
    youtube rewind – ratioed to hell,
    new US Army ads – ratioed to hell

    It even funnier when they start trying to save face by disabling comments and deleting dislikes

  5. Youtubers should co-opt and make youtube rewind going forward, so as to keep mocking YouTubes history of not knowing who the majority of their users are, and only catering to rich celebrities

  6. Simple as this:
    the people that deserve to be in a Rewind aren't that family friendly
    the people that are family friendly not a lot of people enjoy