YouTube Sets Up Ministry Of Truth With ‘Expanded Fact Checking’

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  1. Hey Kyle, what if you put some of your resources into hosting all your content on a PeerTube node, along with the sources you cite?
    We could still support you directly, and we would completely cut out GoogleTube.

    At very least, I wouldn't have to click a thing every time you get interrupted by a Grillmaster ad or whatever.

  2. Why would YouTube support so heavily the MSM? It would be like KFC trying their best to support McDonald's, makes sence two ways, complete incompetence or the deep state!

  3. Look, any platform that contains Search or Ranking, has to rank sources. There must be some attributes it uses to do such a ranking. Surfacing facts based on consensus reality is we've built the modern era. How do you think the scientific process works? Kyle has no problem citing AUTHORITIES on issues like Climate Change, so whats wrong with citing authorities on Health data? The way small creators avoid getting suppressed is by building up an audience and a record of citations that makes your authoritative. That's how the original PageRank worked. The more people that cite you, the more authoritative you become.

    This reminds me of the derangement syndrome that Bill Maher has. If majority of the world's scientists say Global Warming is happening and it's human caused, many progressives are all to happy to amp those sources and decry "false balance" in the media when they try to give credence to sources that don't agree. Suppress the gun lobby and climate deniers on cable news? I bet you'd love that, and stop giving their lobbyists equal air time.

    But if say, scientific consensus was that GMO's are safe? or Vaccines? Well then, you guys won't accept it. It just shows the situational ethics and standards of not wanting to let facts intrude on an ideological bubble.

    If we want a civil society we have got to rebuild trust in civic institutions, like the NIH, CDC, NAS, NOAA, et al. This continual undermining of them by the left and the right, depending on results that they do and don't like, leaves us all blind, because 97% of the people commenting on policy don't have any expertise in the subject area (e.g. medicine, ecology, etc), and you end up with a huge Dunning Krueger effect where the less the talking heads know, the more they think they are right.

  4. I always subscribe, but never the bell I am one of those my morning routine is TYT, Kyle, Damage Report, and ROF. Then Brain B. the reptarium guy. I love you guy, always tell me your views and point to were these facts come from.

  5. Youtube also made it so im fed fox news and corporate media if i leave Secular Talk go on for a few vids without clicking anything
    I hate it, they always try to make me watch corporate media when leave it going

  6. youtube needs to stop picking winners and losers. let the channels earn their views and let the chips fall where they may. if they want to sanitize the videos for children, they need to work on locking down their youtube kids product and leave regular youtube alone.

  7. kyle…….WTF happened to you!??
    censorship only benefits the liars……fear mongering only benefits the fear dealers…
    once again…..
    you're contributing to your own downfall by fear mongering about covid non stop…

  8. Kyle and all of the other progressives as well as some legitimate conservatives need to come to together and build an actual independent news source. I feel like if there was a vetting process and there was a broad source of ideas and open debate it would take off, like a bigger version of the hill rising

  9. You are good at condemning Google's efforts to address the problem of false information. Rightly so. But what solutions do you offer? We tried the libertarian dream of total freedom, and saw it degenerate into conspiracy theories, hate, dangerous quack treatments, fraud and occasionally a level of idiocy so deep it it hard to imagine it was intended as anything but satire.

  10. I know you hate to to it, Kyle, but I think you should at a clip at the end like Jimmy Dore for example. That way you just edit it in. I think it would help.

  11. Was MSM ever authoritative? It's because of their lack of being such a source that has made me come to places like here. MSM is more concerned more about money, than fair and accurate reporting. I hope YT is at least getting paid well for selling their credibility.

  12. I mean you're standing on a privately owned soapbox. Can't they do whatever they want? Isn't that our vision of capitalism? If you want a fair open platform where we share authority and there's a balance of power then talk to your communities and your local and federal representatives and build one. Opinion shows for all. But yeah, they are walking a tight rope trying to sort sources by credibility.

  13. welcome to the brave new world…where everything works in opposites and you have to be a liar to be believed/be evil to be considered good/and be stupid to be considered smart

  14. Translation………Google is trying to make more money.
    They are a corporation……………..anything they do is to is to maximize profit whether that is to save a penny by sacrificing a puppy or make a dollar by selling an angel into sex slavery.

  15. Yes, YouTube also censors user's speech/posts who they consider to be subversive. Apparently, this means that if you disagree with the "authoritative" sources, and think for yourself, you are subversive. So if you notice your posts getting deleted a lot, or your subscriptions getting messed with, you may also be considered subversive. I say, congratulations on having a brain of your own.

  16. 2:57 it's not that masks don't work. It's just that most people don't know how to use the mask and then it actually worsen the hygiene. Nothing can replace plain and simple good hand hygiene. My mom is a hygiene controller in Denmark, and she's tired of seing people wearing masks incorrectly.

  17. You said that ringing the bell is a direct pipeline to your audience, but that's not true. You still go through the middleman of youtube. They can and do decide when people should stop seeing notifications. If you really want to be direct, you should have your own website, mailing list, and/or rss feed and you should look into PeerTube. ContraPoints is on it.

  18. People ask me all the time where I get my news from. Kyle Kulinski, Secular Talk of course.

    It’s actually multiple sources, but Kyle’s the only one I trust to be honest.

  19. I'm unsure why, his highest is $7. But realistically that's a shitty fast food meal a month…kyle educates people 5 days a week! Yearly!