Youtube Targets Whistleblowers and Activists With New “Hacked” Material TOS


#Youtube #Censorship


  1. EXPOSE 'The Atlantic Counsel' and ALL affiliated with it. Along with the OTHER corrupt 'Think Tanks' Like the 'Tri-Lateral Commision' who ALL THINK they can RUN THE WORLD. ??

  2. Again, Youtube clamps on Right-leaning means to report just in time for the election, as you and all of us predicted years ago would happen. The main target in my own opinion are the Project Veritas videos, which are sure to be upcoming.

  3. I went on a rant about the world Health Organisation and had my video removed by YouTube. They did write to my Gmail to explain that nobody is allowed to insult the WHO on their platform.

  4. The one positive to a Biden/Harris Presidency is the fact YouTube, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter, etc. will all have to be nationalized in order to control any narrative. History has shown this with companies/businesses around the world. The media as well! I love that they think they will be immune. Mob justice will demand it, until the government can put into place greater controls on the people. – MayorMike

  5. YouTube thinks that they're the end all know all. I hope that the platform would crash and burn but it's highly unlikely. As much as I hate big government, I would like to see the government finally put its boot in YouTubes @$$ …

  6. 1:05 And yet most of the MSM is still operating in the same fashion as before, with no apparent legal repercussions.
    (Also imo new TOS cr*p like this and more is why such sites need their section 230 protections pulled if they don't shape up and act above board)

    9:00 Idea: YTers use snippets from those same still-up clips on YT(fair use) in their own videos.
    If they get punished by YT, they can point to the original source materials(MSM videos on YT) and say "Then take those videos down too, then!"

  7. Free thinkers: I don't care where the truth comes from, it's the truth and I want to know it
    Authoritarians: Where the truth comes from determines everything about it