Youtube to Massively Censor Most Relevant Content Creators

Virtually all of my non-book/occult videos will now require users to log in to see:


#Youtube #Censorship


  1. "CommieTube censors opposing viewpoints" – 2nd day in a row i've had to, ironically, correct your video title ?

    This is NOTHING to do with protecting kids. It's about suppressing Conservative/ Moderate viewpoints.

    "It is our duty to ensure the proletariat is provided the correct information so they know how to support the Party" – Laventia Beria

  2. Once upon a time YouTube was a great place for independent creators. Now their search results are polluted with MSM content. How do you even find great indie channels like Illegal freedom, the snow plow show, etc? Hopefully BitChute catches on.

  3. You have a lovely talent for swearing realistically and appropriately. I laughed when you were thinking your gardening or cat videos were devoid of cursing. Maybe they are, but I can totally see you swearing in the garden!!?

  4. Remember if they declare themselves a publisher they can just as well turn it around and pay to persuade government to censor or shut down offshore platforms just as well.

  5. It's not just 230, it's the election, too. There's a coordinated effort to get Biden elected. That was most obvious to me when Yahoo stopped its comment sections. They know the conservative arguments win overall, so they are shutting down dialogue for the election.