Youtube to Remove Videos Critical of Beijing Biden “Winning” Election (My Most Important Video Ever)

Criticism of any other election meanwhile A-ok:


#Youtube #Censorship


  1. Yea I also don’t know what to say anymore, because all these modern Liberals are so bloody delusional that it’s hard to even believe. I can’t even listen to these people anymore, they’re all so crazy that it’s hard to even listen to them.

  2. Yes Styx you are basically on a Chinese video channel complaining about free speech. But really this will be over one way or another soon and I don't think any desperate attempts by Susan to prevent us talking about it will not affect the outcome. I think Susan is personally worried though that the credibility of her censorship will be blown out of the water if Trump wins. If you plaster on every political video and to everyone you are censoring in favor of Biden because its the truth and Trump wins, your little banners don't mean much anymore.

  3. FFS STYX they aren’t doing this because they’re getting bad data from bots. What do Sergei Brin & Larry Page have in common with other media oligarchs like Bronfman, Diller, Newhouse, Redstone, Saban, Geffen, Eisner, Tisch, Levin, Pearlstein, Karmazin, Lack, Kann, Golden, Nisenholz, etc etc etc?! I’ll give you a hint: it’s NOT MONEY

  4. Give democrats enough power and they will take over (nationalize) YouTube. Google as well. Authoritarian dictatorships survive by controlling the dialogue. These liberal idiots have no idea what is coming.

  5. Go right ahead ban all the popular hosts..we will simply folllow them on the other platforms and Soon youtube will just have viids of meowing cats…and farting cows

  6. Their end goal is to portait the right as violent. If you shut them up, there is nothing left to say. It's their plan. The people behind big tech think they are doing a good thing. It won't end well. All should have every right to freespeech or there should be no speech at all.