Youtube to Shelter Loser Users and Lamestream Swill By Getting Rid of Dislike Function

What do MSM talking heads, loser users, and Biden have in common?:


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  1. To be Fair, Biden actually is the most popularly hated Resident of the Whitehouse! The only difference between Biden and Obama is, Biden didn't Rent his Family in order to become the 2nd Whitehouse Resident! I do wonder if the German Shepherd got blamed for biting someone, when in actuality it was KamelToe Harleton who did the biting! It's widely known she loves a big bite!

  2. So if you can't dislike can't you just not watch or comment "dislike"? I don't think it's just Biden, they don't want anything said about the virus either.

  3. How about are you still watching bullshit

    I said it years ago fuck google and fuck YouTube and fuck my subscribes and fuck you too:)


  4. People obliterated biased MSM news channels with dislikes, and also the new Biden puppet administration so YouTube has to step in and protect them from free opinion. Lets be more like China where only positive comments towards state and media are tolerated. YOuTUbe has basically been silencing people since the start of this abomination virus.

  5. Problem with these other platforms is, I can never find an app that works on fire TV, Roku or any other tv box, rumble has a crappy one that is not usable, so people still resort to u-tube. I would love to be off this platform

  6. CBC – Canadian Propaganda – PAID for by Taxpayers – very rarely allows comments or ratings. Essentially we pay for this 'service' but we can not comment on the content.

  7. Youtube is spending so much time censoring, their product is failing. Anyone elses feed made up of videos you’ve already watched? Many times the auto load loads the SAME DAMN VIDEO OVER AND OVER. AND WHATS WITH THE JORDAN PETERSON PUSH?!?!? And he cries they try to take him out ?

  8. Gab should create a Dissenter-like plug-in to allow users on any web page to record a "dislike". I wouldn't be surprised if that's already in the works.

  9. I once criticized my kid's college on the official YouTube page for the plans to rename buildings and promoting CRT over the 200-year traditions and indidudals that built the school. Ten other parents and students joined in supporting my position, with one troll or student demanding a direct payment in reparations. The school shut down and removed the comment section while leaving the original message.