Youtube Unhelpfully Bans Critical Discussion of Vaccine Safety

And this will change not one anti-vaccine proponents’ mind.


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  1. I miss old YouTube. It was really enjoyable going down that rabbit hole watching conspiracy theory videos. Like the ones saying George Bush is a lizard person. Never believed any of it of course. But it was still fun to watch.

  2. I was considering getting the 💉… The more and more they push this the less likely I will ever get it… Now I am anti 💉, too many asshats on tv threatening me cause I won't take it….only the hypocritical left could tell you your body your choice and then say fuck that lets force 💉 on the people who don't want it… I'm done trying to convince people it's a cash grab by big pharma… What a bunch of dipshits

  3. I just don't trust the vaccine cos last time the US Government gave away free goodies with needles they were filled with a one-time bonus gift of untreated syphillis.

  4. 11:25 what an amazing cat move; ain't never seen a cat do that before. [dutch-style]
    Styxh is correct, as usual. We ad that…YouTube and the MSM are under no obligation to broadcast truth.
    'Entertainment' does not need to be helpful. –let him who would be deceived, be deceived.

  5. Meanwhile Sweden and Denmark has banned people under 30 from getting the shot due to all the "mysterious heart problems" that only seem to affect those who have gotten it. Scary stuff…

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