You’ve Been LIED To About Why Ukraine War Began

How did a US-backed, far right–led revolution in Ukraine help bring us to the situation we find ourselves in today with regard to the Russian invasion?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Whenever Russell is about to say a bunch of outrageous half-truths, he starts with comments like, "The situation is complex….". In this case he front loads it with "You've been lied to." No, all the information given here is freely available. And all of it has become an outrageous topic of emphasis in the current context of mass death and destruction by Russia. Responsibility for the blown up bodies and wanton destruction should be laid firmly at the foot of Russian war-makers, and not attributed to Western desire to promote friendly markets and countries. That destruction and death is waived off by Russell as "of course" that is "wrong and bad," and that's it. Shame on you Russell. Your provocateur antics are often dumb, but in this case, they are border on evil. THINK about what you are doing, man. The West and NATO have done a number of things that have irritated Russia – and understanding those actions is important in a larger context… but none of this comes even close to justifying reducing Ukraine to rubble and murdering its people. Because THAT is the story here not all the rest of the junk you are parading in front of your audience in an apparent attempt to obfuscate and excuse the closest thing to pure evil we have seen in Europe since WWII. Stop trying to blame the West for this horror and recognize Russia for the pariah state it now is. Really disgusted.

  2. the American and others cue that took place in Ukraine in 2014. also flags this point that must not be allowed to be swept under the carpet of lies. the United Nations in 2014. via the security general of the UN stating in the UN security council. Ukraine has not registered it's boarder since 1991. the UN has not registered the boarders of Ukraine as a sovereign state. therefore it can be seen that Ukraine has no official or Recognised Boarder. the Budapest memorandum another agreement. Ukraine has no boarders. the State of Ukrain dose not exist and never has existed. don't for get now Putin invade Ukraine via crossing Ukraine none existing boarder.

  3. Absolutely fantastic today Mr B. You had me in stitches once again. Nobody does sarcasm like the brits do mate and it’s so effective when making a point. Everything’s a rich mans trick, yet again…..

  4. You didn’t go far enough in history to explain the conflict and your commentary is very one-sided. Putin wanted Ukraine to be subservient to Russia one way or another. And many people in Ukraine wanted to have as little to do with Putin as possible. And when you are poor and somebody comes with lots of money and promises to keep big bad wolf away, you take that offer. So west won. You also don’t understand the need of Russia and very many Russians to continue to feel like a superpower that is feared in the world! There are no completely innocent party in this conflict. But I pity regular people on both sides.

  5. 7.9K comments already – why bother with one more. War is always wrong from a moral point of view, unless it is to defend one’s country from an invasion. “Collateral damage” in civilian domain is never acceptable, as with the bombing of the maternity hospital in Mariupol today. Sadistic bas+@rds. Do those women and children look like “nazis” to you? Regardless of what Putin said were his reasons for the minimally worded “special operation”, they are intentionally terrorizing the populace, maybe to get Ukraine to surrender the Donbas, or to draw NATO into the conflict on humanitarian intervention. Who cares about the historical background that is used to rationalize the “invasion” (oh yes, it was planned – look at the militia amassed at the borders before it happened). The agenda of the “neo-nazis” (battalion of Azov) is not the same as the Nazis of WWII Germany. They do not have invasion and acquisition of territory as their aim, anyway, only defense. Besides, the percentage of their numbers is a small fraction of a percent of the entire Ukraine military anyway. “Denazification” is a term that Putin is fraudulently using as propaganda, because he knows it arouses fear and remembrance of their fight against aggressor conquering Nazis in WWII. “Oh no, not those guys again!” They aren’t the same thing. So, what is Putin’s real motivation? He told us in earlier speeches and writings – empire-building. RUSSEL !!!! Maybe he wants more clients (neighboring countries) for his oil and natural gas products? War is a sick way to get anything!!!!

  6. Great comment. I support and understand the desire of the majority of Ukrainians to live under western ideals. But what the hell this kind of confrontation is promising? At the end Ukrainian population is paying the price for our global political ambitions. They just want to be free to choose. But now they can just choose between the ways the want to surrender to their enemy. I hope this tragedy ends as soon as possible. If escalation and rhetoric continues like that, WW3 is getting more and more possible.

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