You’ve Been Lied To

Jeffrey Sachs appeared on live show on Rumble, where he extensively explains the conflict in Ukraine and what the west has done to make the situation worst pre 2022. #war #ukraine #russia #putin
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. And DONT take your eyes off our leaders here in CanadA! I mean, our parliament our liberal government are EVIL! Freeland is evil! Russell, search up on her grandpa! Back drying the convoy it was found out he was former NZ. And they posted that as fake news and Russian propaganda! Turns out it wasn’t propaganda it’s TRUTH!

  2. I'll tell you exactly why the US pushed Ukraine to walk away from the negotiating table. Ftx. Democrats counted on sending billions of dollars to ukraine, which in turn would reinvest some of that money in ftx, which would turn around and donate a bunch of it to the DNC. Cats out of the bag on this one everyone knows it

  3. I love how this guest aka stated he never felt safe under Trump who actually was less war mongering than all the Presidents the guest worked for. Lol he provided some good info but seems like Trump was one of the few who hasn’t followed the new world order agenda.

  4. putin getting away with murder while you blame nato,,,, and you think you are clever ,, thats the amazing irony of the blame nato hypothesis, dont you think putin has his own agenda ? what do you think he's doing in ukraine under the guise of liberating ukranians from nazi's and protecting russia from a nato invasion,,, . RB= a tool for putin.

  5. Did the neo cons have a point? Russia has been a disaster for Europe and much of the world, and may have even precipitated the rise of fascists in Germany, certainly the money classes saw the communist destruction of the middle classes with great fear and some actively supported the Nazis. This German regime was responsible for one of the greatest crimes on the planet the genocide of the Jewish Europeans was only out done by 3 fold destruction of the wealth providing middle classes of Eastern Europe and for example the Holodomor early 30s in Ukraine by the Soviets. The fact that Ukrainians are fighting hard should be a clue more than this interview. And hay what happened to the narrative BS that Russia used at the start that it was to clear the nazis in Ukraine get rid of a few biolabs and protect a few Russian speakers.

  6. At 8:07 this guy says he "never felt safe for a day" while "psychologically unstable Trump was in office. Which I find ironic considering the subject matter upon which he's speaking – that we are on the brink of nuclear warfare with the other superpowers in the world. I suggest he rethinks his position on Trump. I'll take Trump's version of psychological instability over what we are currently "enjoying" any day of the year. God help us all.

  7. Dear Russell, I love you, your channel and what you're doing for humanity, but please -read more on the history of Eastern Europe. Here's another Western commentator evoking the collapse of the Soviet Union and the promise that NATO wouldn't move an inch forward… Ok, and what about the right of post-soviet countries to decide for themselves ? How about our (I'm from Poland) right to get out of the shadow of Russia and choose our alliances and protection on our own ? This is condescending towards Eastern Europeans, Ukrainians now especially, and ignorant of the region's historical context. Also, in many of your shows you expose the dirty games America and American politicians play – and that's great. But please remember – the fact that USA is not a saint, doesn't make Russia good. It's one thing to live in a democracy – even flawed, even where the elites are screwing you – and quite another to live under a communist, fascist or any other brutal regime.Neither America, nor the UK are there yet (and still far from!). Putin has never been a democrat; very few Russians are – because of their history and how their society is shaped. To see and present him as a man who wanted to champion democracy at home and overseas, and who was wronged by NATO, is just naive. Watch out for russian propaganda; it has many more layers than you think and it's easy to unconsciously become an agent of influence. Stay free.

  8. I wasn't aware of much of this history except for the Crimean peninsula invasion and the 2014 (?) coup. BUT, when this was started with the same media hype and virtue signaling as the BLM movement got, I KNEW something was very fishy. Knowing how vicious the Ukrainian people were in WWII, I didn't believe for a second they were the innocent lambs being targeted by wolves that the narrative tried to portray. This all makes sense, although I don't for a second believe Putin is a good guy either. Never forget, he is also a disciple of Klaus Schwab and his WEF. The whole narrative, on all sides, is nothing but an illusion!

  9. Hilarious that he thought Biden would ever stop this. Biden is a puppet by the rich, pushing through their agenda a social credit score, their digital dollar, depopulation, totalitarianism, a one world order, run by whom?
    Hunger games is real and we are living it.
    We will never have a freedom again.

  10. Nuland to Zalensky to Blinken… All J to the E to the W to the S. People need to figure this out before they destroy the world. What do you think Wolfowitz is when the lies about Iraq WMDs dragged us into that nonsense?

  11. The frauds that have placed themselves in office in Washington thru voter manipulation and a corrupt voting system. They are going to continue to push Russia into an all out war which will see our country destroyed. If we dont stand up and fight this administration NOW, we will only have much to regret in the very near future. We cannot afford to just hope for the best. We MUST do something about it NOW!

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