You’ve Gotta Be F*cking Kidding Me

As Joe Biden accidentally reveals a ‘cheat sheet’ and Nancy Pelosi appears to elbow a child in the ribs, we ask, how do your elected leaders even get out of bed in the morning, let alone run a country? #biden #pelosi #democrats

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The one positive thing that came out of all this…. is that it has woken up a lot more people to see the evil behind the ones that control everything. He is a puppet… like all leaders (they couldn't control trump like they wanted to so they removed him…. stolen election).

    Nancy is an evil satanic pedo and is part of that cult. Why she doesn't give a fuck about the kids or anyone… only money and power.

  2. This country is imploding, because of the illegal doings of government. They have made more money and care less about the people! The voters are being led to slaughter by emotions, they figure let get people all riled up and we will look like the good guys. I do hope more people wake up.

  3. Putin’s suspicion about the United States and the United Kingdom being enablers and protectors of Nazis is not paranoia, rather it is a reasonable belief based on past and current events. Just because Americans display gross ignorance of their past ties to Nazis and are willfully blind in dealing with the legion of Bandera supporters firmly embedded in the current Ukrainian government, does not mean the present day Nazi threat is illusory. It is real.

  4. Watch your back. The failure of the Untied States to understand the depth of Russian outrage and opposition to all things Nazis is rooted in American ignorance of the staggering losses and horrific pain the Russian people endured. These deaths were not because of Stalin’s brutality. They all came at the hands of Germans and the Russians have not forgotten. The men waging war to wipe out the Nazis in Ukraine are the grandsons of men and women who paid in blood fighting the first Nazi wave unleased in 1941 with Operation Barbarossa. They have not forgotten. America is making a potentially fatal mistake if it dismisses this fact as something peripheral and meaningless.

  5. As we all know people that lie tend to be hiding something much worse. And that liars tend to be guilty of what they're lying about. The Left "ALWAYS"be pushing that the Right is in kahoots with Russia. I TEND TO BELIEVE THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT COMES OUT OF THE LEFTIST MOUTH.

  6. I will be rewatching this one as we need the comedic relief through all of the political theater of old men and an old woman . They need the blanket around them and taken to a very beautiful home on the hill where they cam be taken care of and play pretend till the lovin end. Those who voted him in need to vote him out…God help America. Keep us laughing Russell and send us the shirt….thank you for the serious fun ride.

  7. Both highly amusing and dreadfully depressing. Growing up in liberal Massachusetts, I no longer feel as if I have a place to turn. I’m the last person to argue for the Bidens of the world, but that would mean opening the door for the Orange Imbecile. What now?????

  8. Because YOU SAY you’re not practicing ageism well, it must be so! Re: your “spiritual enlightenment” more like hypocrite. To think I used to be in awe of your intelligence now I can’t even listen to you anymore.

  9. Guilty conscience about all the wars he and his black half backed in his first 8 years of office, not to mention the last couple. People did vote for him, and black gangsterism helped the process, people get what they beg for don't they?
    It was an accident, the kid was standing very close to the woman, I realise you are joking (hopefully anyway), but you are obscuring all serious criticisms with nonsense. Sorry but I can'y laugh at this, in the last 4 decades every semblence of sense has disapperared into the ether.

  10. If retarded Joe has to be told to walk into a room and say hello, how can he be running a country? Oh. That's why. I left out an 'i', ruining the country, ruining the country.

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