“You’ve Gotta Be Kidding!” This Is So Corrupt It’s Almost FUNNY!

After revelations of scandals involving potential insider trading within the Federal Reserve, the agency has banned its officials from trading individual stocks. But will it really change anything?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Russell should also look into another insider trading case involving Senator Richard Burr right before COVID lockdowns hit. He had insider knowledge from his committees and dumped a bunch of stocks. SEC is still investigating.

  2. No matter how much "exposure of truths" you do, they don't go to jail. It's like: "so who cares if they do inside trading"🙄🤨🤨arrest and jail all of these inside traders …regardless of their government positions (😠😠😠)

  3. Russell Brand I know you are not an American but I love the way you care enough to pay attention to what is going on in the world. I really love the way you stay positive and help us laugh about the horrible things these American politicians have been up to. They don't have to be so good at giving good material to go on about ,do they? Yes. Yes, they do!!! I was really scared for a good while after Biden became President. Everything he did systematically was something meant to hurt the Americans' livelihood, our security and our peace of mind. It was only then did I realize that we have all known that the C.I.A. is corrupt and just a bunch of thugs with impunity. They smuggled drugs in the country at the height of the War on Drugs. Imprisoning its own people, it was supposed to be protecting. We already had the number one spot on most people in the world that were incarcerated. Why add fuel to our flame? When addiction is a mental sickness that needs love not hate. They aren't even ashamed of the fact that they have been setting little countries up with the weapons they needed so they could cause enough trouble that big badass bully America would have to come kill them. I am so ashamed to be an American right now. Thank God I am from Texas. Why have we been ignoring this for so long? Why have we not taken them down? I always thought at least we had the F.B.I., but no, they are just as dirty. Running around hiding evidence for a corrupt child molesting piece of we all know what. That is just despicable. I have PTSD and get to have a service dog. No one bothers to ask me why. It is because of the police in the city I grew up in. They abused me so badly. One time it was over an hour of abuse when I just happened to be butt naked and they refused to let me cover myself and had not one female officer with them. They might as well have raped me because the damage they did felt the same. Something about the knowledge that who I thought was protecting me, was an evil group of men who got off on harassing and intimidating people who were not strong enough to fight back. It scared me to my core and I have not been the same since. I never dared say anything for fear they would never stop harassing me. I know somehow the reason this info sits so clear in the daylight now is because of the new age we are now in. I have to put faith in the name of this new age, and hold my breath and rest in the hope that we shall all ascend this madness. This is just part of the process of change and it is ugly having to see what has really been going on. But it is a necessary evil. It is but the beginning of the future where we will be enlightened and see that to love one another and the earth is to love ourselves. We shall be food for the loosh no more.

  4. It's not about left or right's about the government as a whole and all the corporations involved with them vs the working class like you and me. If you think about it in those narrow, generalized terms, then you've already lost and are still a puppet to that system.

  5. You want to hear about corruption at the scariest level possible.. have you read or heard all the talk about tapping strategic oil reserves to lower gas prices? Wich wouldn't hardly do anything with any lasting effects… but they've now been forced to admit they've sent 'at least' 16 million barrels from the AMERICAN strategic oil reserves to Asia! We don't know where in Asia but it doesn't take a super computer to make an educated guess.
    16 million! that's 42 million gallons of gasoline that were meant to be used by Americans as a last resort in worst case scenarios… and they're giving it away.. it is time for some 1776 type actions.

  6. No insider trading has been proven against the Pelosi family because no real investigation has ever been conducted. Investigators can't find
    what they refuse to look for.

  7. They have been doing insider trading for a very long time. Martha Steward must to have stepped on someone's toes. Before the people of the USA knew of the coronavirus at the first of January 2019 four (2 Democrats and 2 Republicans) told the FBI was investigating the insider trading of Congress moving stocks (nothing since the announcement thereof). Imholf of Oklahoma was re-elected at the next election, saying it was his last term. Welcome to the haves and have not … rich and poor.

  8. Your claims of wanting to change the system or remove all political parties would hold more weight if you occasionally took aim at the other side.
    I personally agree with you, both sides are beyond repair and mediocrity inevitably rises to the top of both sides in all democratic countries. That said… you should be able to find some pundits who wear red to take aim at too.
    Otherwise, you're just farming the right the same way you used to farm the left. Gotta make a living eh Russell?

  9. Yes, but what do you expect from a cartel of private banks with a licence to print fiat currency? What was established in 1913 on Jekyll Island in the US happened in England shortly after our so-called 'Glorious Revolution' of 1688, which allowed the banksters into the City of London to found the Bank of England. You don't have to be a socialist to desire that your national central bank be an asset of its sovereign nation, but it helps.

  10. We should take all public officials bankers etc all these 1 percenters and turn them into farmers and because I'm against the oil that means it's back to the yoke. We can pay them to keep it legit. Oh wait now I sound like them ok no pay.

  11. Russell.i ha dream about setting up a trade account.but i fo not care about thst at all.judt out of curiodity i dud not even know if thus still works.eirld of finances trade etc is as dirty as baby bottom every few hours.i have these tomes far behind not want to go back.children are pure but traders will trade even them.insane wicked minds.

  12. Yes. Insider trading has been going on for decades. Congress excluded themselves from the laws. Another income stream is foreign aid. Give twenty million dollars to some nation in Central America and El presidente awards the sponsors of the bill with hundreds of thousands of dollars in kick backs. Those funds are funneled into a shell corporation whose ownership is in the name of an eleven year old nephew. They have also made millions as they craft bills to expand the land areas of national parks by purchasing land on the perimeter of the newly expanded parks. Corrupt to the core as they make bank practicing behaviors that would as citizens land us in prison.

  13. You are the man. It really amazes me that people that are not even traditional journalist like you a few others are exposing powerful corrupt politicians without doing much digging… which really really shows how bought and paid for the elite fake news is. So shameful for them, but thank you for being real and saying the truth

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