Yuri Bezmenov – Deception Was My Job (full interview)

Here is the full interview with Yuri Bezmenov from 1984. This is a re-upload due to the fact that the original was taken down for “hate speech” in other words, telling the truth. This was also used in the new Black Ops Trailer.

Written by KVFutureGamer

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  1. What if Yuri is still an undercover spy hidden as a public figure to tell us wrong information about a supposed "crisis" carried out with the 4 stages in order to hide the actual strategies being carried out by the Soviet Union? This game is real and so seriously hidden in plain sight, people believe we believe in such a different world from what in reality is.

  2. I will download this.

    "This is a re-upload due to the fact that the original was taken down for "hate speech" in other words, telling the truth." That's what the description said. I've always been paranoid of History being censored and the newer generations forgetting about it and everything being replaced by SJWs and shit. When the Black Ops Trailer came out I've just been even more paranoid. The truth is never safe. History is written by the victor.

  3. Anyone notice how he said how the soviets said that his broadcast were “offensive” same thing most people are saying now about a multitude of things.

  4. Now that Russia's become a semi-democratic, free market, patriotic nation with zero tolerance for feminism and other such nonsense, maybe it's time we defect to them like Edward Snowden XD

  5. His job was also Deception! Who's to say he's not on a job to do something like This? To get the American people to bring down there own government. You right fucks are so damn gullible it's sad. And before you start I don't have any party affiliation. I not left right or center!

  6. I love seeing all the right wing comments in here who are blaming the left After, the left tried from the beginning to tell Americans, The Russians were interfering in our elections. ?

  7. Youtube took this video down ?? WTF, this actual interview is used in think tanks and universities that study foreign policy. What a complete joke youtube is.

  8. You patriots realize this guy is deceiving you he has already told you deception was his job, he is employing sophistry and you are buying it. He is speaking in terms that appeal to your conservative views and re-enforces your view that all those on the left, not a limited group within the broader liberal coalition, but all must be dealt with. I hear the same thing about you from people that appeal to me. I avoid listening to them. I use Flipboard, it satisfies the need for propaganda from the right/left media. It's all the same.

    Naturally the Soviet's exploited useful individuals sympathetic to their ideology or corruptible by appealing to their greed and thirst for power. Isn't that part and parcel of the diplomatic maneuvering to maintain influence in the world and remain in power then and now? Working with those sympathetic to your cause or can be blackmailed?

    Media manipulation or propaganda if you wish is part and parcel of today's world just as it was in Soviet Russia, Iran under the Shah, Noriega's Nicaragua…. It isn't solely in the realm of the left. The solution hasn't changed, education, knowledge of the past, acceptance of a common set of facts and a willingness to accept compromise to gain for the greater good.

    Are the ideals in the constitution/bill of rights meaningful or are they just leftist marxist professions of unity, equality and freedom only to be used to subvert the country I love. Because the intent of the amendments is to correct the defects that appear over time in the constitution it is why blacks are free, women can vote, we elect our senators, all kinds of stuff. Those are also ideas espoused by the leftist marxist or rightist fascist. What happened in these dictatorships; you voted for who you were told to vote for. Dictatorship, socialist or fascist dictatorship in each case.

    I think the constitution allows one to believe in different political/economic systems but the constitution has to be amended or re-written to allow a true socialist state at the federal level, I don't support doing that. Even the states cannot have a true socialist state because they are bound to institute a republican form of government in order to be a member of the United States of America. We can have a welfare state which is what we were becoming although many would say we are a welfare state. We have been deconstructing the welfare state starting with Ronald Reagan. Yet a large portion of Americans believe we are becoming a socialist state even though conservatives have consistently maintained power in one or both houses of congress since the mid 90's. The reverse is true , while conservatives have done an admirable job of maintaining power through dominance at the state level beyond their numbers demographics are now shifting to a younger generation, this slow change prevents the feared fascist takeover of America by the right. What hasn't changed is the belief in the right to vote on both the left and the right, the details are in disagreement, we all agree with the right to vote. Even that belief is being eroded. In Florida the people voted to allow those who had paid their debt to society the privilege of voting, the party in power hasn't allowed it to happen with the support of a SCOTUS decision. Is that marxism or fascism? Or as it is in my opinion un-constitutional the people of the State of Florida in accordance with the law voted to allow felons the right to vote under a set of circumstances. The party in power then passed legislation requiring all felons to pay all fines/costs in full before being granted the right to vote. SCOTUS supported the state preventing felons from voting in this months primaries.

    I wonder though, if FB took this down once what is stopping them from doing it again? Or was it, as it was it mine case, reviewed and it was realized this isn't hate speech? I don't think it is hate speech, it's deceptive, but not hate speech. It targets the left but the tactics described are universal.

  9. 17:46 Listen to how his broadcasts got cancelled by CBS in what sounds like the 70s/early 80s.

    Soviet communists pressured Pierre Trudeau and CBS to investigate Bezmenov's broadcasts. They found some of his content offensive to the communists and cancelled him.

    Communist/socialist subversion of the west started decades ago and we've seen it all escalate in recent times. The Soviet Union no longer exists but its ideological subversion process was already well underway.

  10. @KVFutureGamer we had a conversation on a video of Irish public standing up against antifa.
    Looks like comments have now been turned off for some reason.

    Also, thanks for this video post, super interesting; I'll try watch the whole thing in next few days.

  11. In his episode about the Uighur concentration camps in China John Oliver criticized them for censoring hijab-clad women in videos by placing a cute cartoon image over them – only to turn around and muse about how great it would be to erase Kevin Spacey from films in a similar manner. There's a thing called a jury of your peers, and another thing called prison if you're convicted. We're Americans. We don't erase people.

  12. I had trouble finding this interview again, I thought it was just cause of the new cod trailer (which I’m glad more are seeing it). However seeing it taken down by a bunch of commies on Twitter is quite a sight