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  1. Any time y’all post a podcast, I am blessed. They help me keep my brain alert and entertained as I drive long haul loads over night. God bless all of you! Let’s go ice fishin’

  2. You watch, after Baldwin is cleared, he’ll go on a self righteous crusade and try and use this tragedy for political gain.

    Trying to make the case that guns shouldn’t be in the hands of the citizenry.

    Bet the farm on it. 🤨

  3. If you think about it eventually only Conservatives will be left bc our birth rate has got to be much higher than Democrats. They are more worried about killing their babies and getting the jab! Whenever I run across an left wing nut I check to make sure they have gotten their jab! 😂😂 let’s face it, there has already been a ton of Democrats wake up and anyone left is just a lost cause!

  4. Cannabis is a gateway drug, the gateway off opioids and to the refrigerator.
    And the only thing Just Say No and DARE did was make me think drugs are much easier to get than they actually are and explained the effects well enough that we all knew which ones we wanted to do and which ones we don't.

  5. What if Bill Gates was brought in to help set those computer rooms up? With the understanding that the blackmail would be used to force other rich people to give donations to his charities.

  6. 46:42 Finally! Someone talking about the "Holy Chicken" Documentary. Its free on YT, definitely go and watch. Its very informational and is the reason I don't buy chicken nuggets anymore. Very beautiful ending too..

  7. Pot is not a gateway drug. Pot has kept many people off harder drugs. I have heard it time and time again, " I have tried other things but all I need is weed." Although, people may be driven to try other "Drugs" because they were lied to about weed…

  8. Around 2003 the pork slaughterhouse on Fort Weaver & Old Fort Weaver was shut down. I thought it was by the owners of new expensive tracts across Fort Weaver. It had opened around 1953, when 'Ewa was Country, not anymore. The plantation 1890-1995. The Jungle, never read it though, a "Muckraking" book exposing meatpacking practices of the 1910s. A British military expedition led by Maj. Sir Francis Younghusband marched to Lhasa, Tibet, from India in 1903. MSG was invented in a Japanese lab in 1909, and marketed as Aji no Moto. Aji means flavor in Japanese. I used to mind about ten chickens for eggs. Grandpa would sometimes butcher them "Kosher", a coffee can nailed to a fence post. I butchered a Turkey for Thanksgiving when I lived in Puna in 1994. I've dug up vintage Ajinomoto bottles. Some are handmade and they got machine made later. I have a bunch of 5lb. Aji tins of unknown age 1920-60. I was seeing stuff about Epstein's Wierd Science a year ago, when it was all over You Tube. He made his bank with his extortion. Trump knew Epstein, but fell out with him, he was attempting to molest his guest's children. All this stuff is "Above our pay grade". Egyptian stuff has a lot of gold leafed wood & plaster, with lapis lazuli inset. Don't gangstas always do duels? Or more of straight drive bys? I've seen it alleged that Gangstas are a reflection of old "Southern gentlemen" dueling culture. Really, don't mess with kids like that. As a gen X latchkey I had enough to be worried about. Weed was outlawed in 1914. Harrison Act, I think. Drug & Alcohol Resistance Education. What a trip, the '80s &'90s are forgotten history. Used to see High Times back then. I've been lost, and had to spend the night near the top of the Koolaus, behind Kuliouou valley. I knew where I was, but it got dark when I was near the top of the crags. Walked home in the AM. I'm not very fluent en espanol, or in the market for Miami condos.

  9. An accident is when an out of control semi truck crashes through your wall, knocks you over, and the gun in your hands goes flying across the room and the trigger catches on the coat hook on the wall and the gun discharges. Alex Baldwin NEGLIGENTLY fired the gun!

  10. Aaron Burr was Vice President under Jefferson and he dueled Alexander Hamilton, after Hamilton made disparaging remarks about Burr at a dinner. The duel took place at the sight where Hamilton's son was buried. Burr never intended to kill Hamilton, and even though dueling was illegal back then, he never served a a day in prison and the charges against him were eventually dropped.

  11. So the interesting thing about the Baldwin shooting is this I encourage you all to fact check and please bring attention to the matter. The victim of the shooting was the wife of the lawyer representing the campaign manager of Hilary Clinton who just was subpoenaed by Durham. She also days earlier tweeted that she has evidence that would put Hilary in jail for life. Please look into this and tell all of your followers!

  12. Also the bullet was a hollow point which is how it went through two people there were witnesses saying he aimed please do diligence before giving credit to these people as if it were a "accident"