Zelenksky’s CRINGE Vogue Cover Smells Like Neoliberal PROPAGANDA: Briahna Joy Gray & Robby Soave

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave criticize Ukrainian President Zelenskyy and his wife for posing for a Vogue photoshoot as war continues to rage in Ukraine.

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  1. Russia did invade, but anyone who thinks NATO has no responsibility concerning the atmosphere that led to this has not been paying attention for the last several years.

  2. Robbie, just who would you like to be in President Putin's shoes at the moment? Who would be doing a better job of showing the West and you liberals ( yes, you liberals) a better way forward?

  3. Robbie, Russia chose the war? This is Biden's War. Putin and Russia MERELY responded to the outrageous provocations of Biden and his NEOCON henchmen.

  4. Zelensky is just a puppet for the US and the WEF… he was planted after the coup that took place in 2014. He reminds me of the Mandarin from Iron Man 3…. a literal actor, who is following someone else's directions.

  5. Sick..but of course the scummy snowflakes who love peeking into windows they wouldn't have the nerve to look into can now play peeping toms..and of course feel empowered by it

  6. What about the Ukrainian civilians and their children that Ukraine has been bombing for the last 8 years because they were Ukrainian- Russian? The civil war they were fighting no one talks about? The government that US has been implicated in a coup to over through the government in 2014? The photo shoot is distasteful and hypocrisy. Where the weapons going, I remember no one knows but there reports of them being sold. They want money, military industrial complex wants money, governments want money and we are paying for it! Ramp up the propaganda so no one can talk peace.

  7. Prior to now, Zelensky was an ACTOR! He portrayed a President on television before being selected as a political candidate. Now he's a millionaire. I can't believe any of this surprises either of these hosts.

  8. UNbelievable.

    These people and/or Vogue have absolutely NO SHAME.

    ALL popular media has been taken over by WEF.

    Those of us that comment against the global dictatorship can be identified by our comments and Google linking our location and identity at the time of posting.

    Does anyone realise how seriously ee are in danger. We can be singled out for bullying and extermination. Who is there for us, the people? What are we doing to protect and defend ourselves?

  9. I mean I get it anything to win their war and hey all fair in Love and war but it's their war it's not our war in fact it's not even in our national interest it's in Russia's national interest just saying not sure what the price tag we should pay is but this whatever it is it's too high today 40 billion higher gas prices etc

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