Zelensky ADMITS He NEVER Planned To Honor Minsk Agreement, Says West NOT SUPPORTIVE ENOUGH: Report

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss updates on the war in Ukraine, and recent statements from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. #Zelensky #putin

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  1. Zelenski has Biden bent over a barrel and is taking the American tax payers to pound town because Zelenski has all the evidence to put Hunter Biden away. And Joe Biden is willing to give Zelenski anything he asks for. Unfortunately China has the US in the position because they are also blackmailing the Biden's for selling influence.

  2. It's not okay that Ukraine has been bombing innocent people in the Donbass with range artillery since 2014. What about the bio labs the US was tied to? There's more too. The Hill you're missing lots of details. US needs to call for a ceasefire and ask for the Donbass to vote or have their own independence (away from the WEF especially).

  3. These hosts say, “Zelensky admitted that he never intended to follow through Minsk peace deal” yet they say Russia was an aggressor. What does aggressor even mean? Is provoking to the point that only thing left is to go to a war included in aggression?????

  4. The Minsk Agreement didn't exactly fav our Ukraine at all, so it's very understandable! Many of its details were conveniently glossed over in this so-called 'informed' segment. Essentially, the sticking point was that Ukraine would agree to never join Nato. How can that not be perceived as oppressive? Are people seriously being THAT critical of Zelensky? And the 'self-determination' of the Donbas region….would that really have been enough for Putin? How on Earth can this segment be taken seriously? Are we in The West REALLY taking Putin at face value?

  5. The US knows Ukraine in NATO means an immediate war that's why they were building up Ukraine's military first. The goal was to build up Ukraine's military to be strong enough to hold down Russia because a NATO war with Russia is practically WW3 and boy wait till you have China involved in that mix.
    We should all be happy China is there people cos that's the only thing holding these psychos starting WW3

  6. I heard him say in an interview before the invasion that we must fulfill Minsk and in a documentary a Ukrainian soldier at the front said that we have been given orders not to fire except in self defense and they were constantly being provoked. Just look at the casualty figures since Zelensky took office.
    He has said since that there'll be no Minsk 3 because it doesn't work, because Putin doesn't keep to agreements. Zelensky has said he is very grateful for support but the support should have come before when Putin invaded in 2014. Zelensky has been in favour of local government but not giving up Ukrainian territory. He has been clear on that from the start. Putin has never had any intention of withdrawing from the Donbas despite any Minsk agreement

  7. The EU has been heavily complicit in colluding with the deception of the Minsk accord. It is also a contributor to the current war and I am sure the Russians and Chinese have noted this and are now unlikely to trust the EU going forward.

  8. Don't forget when Joe Biden said of Putin, that he has to be removed from office and then the White House walked back those comments. So, that was always the goal. If you ask me, the Biden Administration wanted Putin to invade Ukraine…this war will not end with any agreement…it will end in a WORLD WAR.

  9. Peace with Russia is easy. Give Russia what it wants. The Minsk agreement was at a point where Russia had defeated Ukraine. It was a convenient pause. And these 2 don't really know how Putin operates and what he wants. We know what he wants because he tells us. Study Georgia to understand the playbook.

  10. Putin didn't want Ukraine in NATO because he wanted to invade them!! Nobody invades ls NATO countries because all the military force in the world will be coming after you. Johnson is right, and there is no other issue on which you two are so intentionally dense.

  11. To say Zelensky has been "radicalized from his country being invaded" is illogical with the revelation of President Dude aka Zelensky, lying in formal negotiations in Minsk. As President Dude is an actor we have to accept the possibility that he has been planted as a puppet by forces outside Ukraine.

  12. We should disband NATO. The European powers should have the capability on their own to defend themselves from a weak Russia. Also, NATO stands in direct opposition to Russia making peace and inclusion of Russia a non negotiable prospect.

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