Zelensky Does Bizarre Address Drunk or High on Cocaine



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Written by Salty Cracker


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  1. I get it when people say you shouldn't create idols out of individuals and when you have a situation like this where both sides aren't necessarily any better then the other. You should definitely have some level of skepticism.

    But sometimes the complete lack of any faith in anything and the over abundance of skepticism can be very judgment clouding. People are messy and full of inconsistencies and hypocrisy, That's just how people are. Just because the guy got fucked up doesn't directly indicate anything beyond the fact he might like booze and might actually be going through something so awful it could dive him into a bottle.

  2. We can send $14 Billion to Ukrainian, but
    don’t have money to take care of our own
    people. The homeless in this country.
    The poor and unfortunate people in this country.
    Oh no! God forbid that happens!
    They rather burn money in a crisis zone
    country that has been at war for years,
    But we can’t take care of people in need
    here in this country! Make that make sense!
    That’s ridiculous! Shame! Shame on them!
    Country first! America First! USA 🇺🇸 ✌🏾

  3. Before I comment… let it be known I have been watching Salty for several years now. I have always agreed with him and his content… until I saw this. I am a Christian, a conservative, and a Trump supporter. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Zelensky or how he got into office, I find it appalling many of the comments here. It is immoral to not support Ukraine. Civilians are being killed, children are being killed, and parents are being executed in front of their children by Russian soldiers. Women and teenage girls are being raped by drunk Russian soldiers.

    Ukraine is a sovereign nation that won its independence in 1991. For these children who are dying, this is the country they were born to, and the only one they know. They do not deserve this. Whatever Russia's complaint against Ukraine is, it does not warrant invasion, killing, laying waste to cities and towns, driving millions from their homes, and separating families.

    Yes, Ukraine has much corruption in its government. Some of you have commented here that you would not support Ukraine because of its corruption. Well, by that logic then, you would not support the USA if it were invaded, as our government is just as corrupt, with a George Soros installed president as well! Some of you are criticizing Zelensky for being a comedian and a billionaire… and a Nazi? Wow, a Jewish Nazi, imagine that! That's a leftard move… like criticizing Trump for being an actor and a billionaire… look what a great president he was! Also, Zelensky was a lawyer before becoming an actor. Consider this, Zelensky is still in Kyiv, he could have taken his money and ran, but he is standing his ground and fighting for his people. I only wish we had a president like him right now!

    Ukrainian people are patriotic people who love their country, love freedom, and are willing to fight and die for it. That is a quality to be admired. Yet Salty and the commenters here are bashing Ukraine. I would think that some of you would understand patriotism, love of country, and fighting for what you believe in… but I guess I'm wrong! It seems to me the Salty army is becoming more like the libtards in the sense of getting stuck in informational feedback loops, and rejecting any information that does not fit the narrative they want to believe in.

    People, are you buying into this anti-Zelensky anti-Ukraine rhetoric because the left-wing media is praising him? Or because of the Hunter Biden-Ukraine connection? Why does this war in Ukraine have to be a left-wing vs right-wing issue for us? Grant it, the left-wing media has destroyed any credibility it ever had with the right, and that is unfortunate. I find it hard to trust the media as well. Liberal or conservative.

    However, I am not buying into this anti-Zelensky, anti-Ukraine rhetoric. Are you people really going to form an opinion based on this sketchy video of Zelensky, where the words don't match the lip movement? This video could be a fake. People, for those of us on the right, we can be victims of disinformation and propaganda as well. I have seen more good videos of Zelensky than bad, and the bad ones like this one are questionable, where as the good ones I have seen are straight forward.

    No one person is 100% correct on everything all the time, and if you believe, or someone you follow is right all the time, then that in itself is indicative of flawed thinking and should give you a reason to take a moment of pause and re-examine what you are believing in.

    So all that being said, I still love Salty Cracker, but I think he is making a serious gaffe on the Ukraine war issue, and I must depart from his opinion here. I care about issues here in the U.S first and foremost, but I also care about Ukrainian people.

    Being a Christian, I have compassion for people. I am proud to say I stand with Ukraine, I support their efforts to preserve their nation and freedom, bring everyone home, and begin rebuilding their lives. Also, I do have a Ukrainian flag on the bumper of my car…

    and Salty… no donation for you this month, it's going to Ukraine!

  4. If he can pull this off And keep Putin from blowing the lid off the complete spectrum of corruption he can have that 34 million dollar Florida villa by the deep state satellite Kriminal oligarchs That can never happen but they will drag it out ten years to make the military industrial complex as rich as big pharma. But Russia is about to turn the rest of it to rubble He is going to give up that’s why he’s drunk. They are coming and the humiliation will be to much.

  5. Give me a break. Zelensky is tired, he's done more than most of these people here staring he's high on drugs. I'd love to see these people be face with mass stress non stop for nearly 60 days. I thought higher of salty but tbh he's just as bad as the left. The same crazy deranged behaviour just spun around to be right wing.if I read a script of a lefty and salty i wouldn't know which one is which.

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