zelensky is hiding the truth in ukraine

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zelensky is hiding the truth in ukraine

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  1. My guess is The Russians already knew this even before the counter….thats why they withdrawn to draw them closer and tighter and also gave them a sense of false security. Then Russia just RAINED on them with Missiles and Artillery fires.
    Rumours are that around 15000 Jewkrainians mercs and soldiers were denanizfied or wounded.

  2. One thing I’ve picked up on when people talk about Russia’s manpower and how Ukraine hasn’t fallen is that Russia can’t throw its full weight at Ukraine in case open hostilities flare up with NATO or the EU.

  3. Russians are killing foreign troops, US inclusive. The Ukrainians lost 25,000 troops in 4 days. Russia will rebrand the operation as a war against terrorist. That means all foreign forced fighting for Ukraine will be deemed terrorist. Russia will slaughter them all.

  4. Ukraine is no longer a sovereign country it is a vassal state to the US and will be controlled by the US. It's citizens will be very, very cheap labor to work making large profits for the US Elites. And this is known because, Zelensky just passed a labor law basically taking all rights away from workers and giving corporations unlimited power over the laborers. The US has finally replaced the African slaves they lost over 150 years ago with Eastern European Slaves. The US Elites are laughing all the way to the bank. War=$ The future life span of the average Ukrainian will be greatly reduced. Only when these contrived wars stop will things improve for humanity. ☮

  5. Yeah this talking point is straight from Russian talk shows/military blogs. No NATO troops are in Ukraine. Foreigners fighting in Ukraine? Sure thing, the number of them from Nato Countries is less than 2,000. Fact check that, unlike Russia our internet is not limited to the MOD website and the knockoff version of facebook so you can easily fact check. Jackson, get ready to go back to your used car sales job because your YouTube channel isn’t going to be here too much longer. I don’t care if you are Putins fan boy, each person is entitled to their own opinion, but lying is something different.

  6. The 2.5 hours aerial bombing of Ukn resulted in stoppage of basic services like rapid rail, electricity, water and internet. t would also mean NO HOT SHOWER for UA, Neo-Nazis, jihadists and hilly billies. NO HOT SHOWER in winter months? Even goats would not dare sleep beside them. You're mean Mister Putin. LOL

  7. That American is standing in Ukraine saying ' you want to see what this Soviet shit looks like' As the Soviets gave up all control over Ukraine in 1992 so after 30 years of being a republic, what this 'little' man is looking at is NOT Soviet but Ukrainian. Obviously someone who is there just to fight and kill and doesn't really care why

  8. The Kharkov region was mainly a fixing operation like it was back in March – nothing changed. There was enough Russian ally forces there to push in a little and step back a little to make it seem active. But over the last several weeks there was evacuation of civilians and troops from the Kharkov region. If it wasn't a fixing operation in Kharkov there would have been a pummeling of the Ukrainian forces in the cauldron they made nicely themselves. But there wasn't.
    There was even more verification from SouthFront. They said 1 in 3 in the Kharkov counter were Polish and American. We've had reports all along that US Rangers operate the HIMARS from the US because it takes months or years to train operators..
    So it's time Russia realizes that their Special Military Operation is actually fighting WW3 and they need to evaluate their movements soon. Time for stepping up from SMO to Anti-Terrorist Operations.

  9. The comedian Puppet's forces were wiped out and NOW UK AND US FORCES are the ONES FIGHTING for Ulraine!!!
    Better for Russia to NUKE those forces ASAP for the WORLD to SEE how DEMONIC the UK and US govt.s are!!!

  10. I don’t understand how Americans tolerate their Government sending billions and dollars of their tax paying dollars to fight a war that only benefits the private corporations. Didn’t they learn from Iraq and Afghanistan?

  11. Never underestimate the Russians. They may seem to withdraw now, to give the Ukraine the false sense of victory, who will then foolishly send their last remaining soldiers too far forwards. When the time comes, the Russians will encircle and annihilate them. Then, Ukraine will have no more men to fight regardless how much the US and the west send billions or the weapons…no more fighting men left in Ukraine after Russia decide to make their final move.

  12. Trump said during the 2016 election, that if Hillary Clinton becomes president, we will be at war with Russia. At the time I thought "What the F is he talking about!". Now that her people are in power, we are at war with Russia.

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