Zelensky: Only Diplomacy Can End Ukraine War

With $40 billion in war funding secured, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is now suggesting that the Ukraine war will only be resolved through diplomacy. He also noted that Ukraine can definitely win the war, so what point he was making remains unclear. But this is the first definitive mention from Zelensky that negotiations could possibly end the conflict.

Jimmy, The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the progress of the war and whether Zelensky’s statement reflects an acknowledgement that prospects on the battlefield are not good for his nation.

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  1. Imagine having the audacity to even say that, after refusing TWO peace talks and refusing the offer to let people leave Mariupol. This pos has alot to answer for.

  2. When not crying for more weapons, the world's newest billionaire is in his well appointed mansion hideout equipped with a green screen bunker background of the war.
    He is writing the screenplay about his heroic effort to save Ukraine. He will retire in Hollywood. Perhaps he is already there.

  3. "Kyiv" is pronounced like "K-Uh-Yeev" (on this "Uh" part, imagine you've been punched in the gut, but don't actually hope to pronounce it right), and is simply another effort of Ukrainian politicians to reform the English language so that it complies to their vision better.
    Honestly, just stick to Kiev. Just like no one makes you say "Moskva" instead of "Moscow". Or "Deutschland" instead of "Germany".

  4. Thank you, Jimmy… That's right… Zelinsky have just his salary…He byed villa in the villa's area in Rishpon , Israel – $ 8 million. He put on his account $ 1.2 billions… He get English citizen . This was a price of Ukraine for him. But he is just… empty doll… marionette. Now… second step…time for others. Most russophobs in the Europe – Poland , Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. And they are… ready to be … second . Will see…will see…

  5. Крым уже 8 лет Россия!!! А Донецкая и Луганская Народные Республики независимые государства! И с Россией у них договор о дружбе, сотрудничестве и взаимной помощи, в том числе и военной!!!

  6. This wavers greatly from "Total Russian Defeat" and "No Territory Surrenders To Russia." That was the latest Party Line from Majority Opinion in Ukraine. Which one will it be? It can't be both.

  7. его уже обвинили в изнасиловании? или взятках? или хоть в чем нибудь. а то он чет какой то слишком умный, аж трясёт. украина наци, че ваще что ли? нет там никаких наци

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