Zelensky RECEIVES More Aid (clip)

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Written by Sabby Sabs


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  1. The part that drives me crazy is that 1) this is clearly a full-on proxy war, 2) Ukraine is losing unless something massive happens, and 3) we are funding the entire Ukrainian government, everything from garbage men, to the Ukrainian army. In my eyes at this point, Ukraine is a puppet regime, fully propped up by American interest (and funding) in keeping this war going to "hurt" Russia as much as possible. I don't see that as a worthwhile cause, especially since it's causing thousands of deaths each day and dragging out the inevitable conclusion of this war. Not to even mention how much that 56 billion would help any of the issues in America that you described!

  2. How much more are Americans going to accept??? I'm baffled watching from Canada. They are just lying and stealing right out in the open now.

  3. People need to wake the *uck up! Stop voting out of habit "but I have always voted Democrat/Republican, my parents have always…" 🤦🏿‍♂️
    What have they done for you! (it's not a trick question), nothing Nada!
    It's the same here in the UK. We vote in a corporate, intelligence agency, military, also oligarchs lapdog and imbacile, then complain when things go wrong. Then what do we do, we 'rinse and repeat 🔁', Aaargh!

  4. Perhaps the American poor could get some economic recovery if we just claimed that The Russians had infiltrated our communities and we needed funding to defend ourselves from them. We're all paying the high cost of empire while those who profit continue to collect their winnings.

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