Zelensky Reveals His Strategy: Scores Of Dead Ukrainians In Exchange For TIME

Zelensky Ghastly Military Plan Comes In Focus: Dead Ukrainians In Exchange For TIME

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Written by Jamarl Thomas

This channel is an honest analysis of the news with a progressive view point without allegiance to anything other than the truth. At least in as far as I can determine based on the evidence present. I won't always be right, but I will always be honest about it.You can support my work by liking, sharing, and commenting on my videos, in addition to joining my Patreon account.I want to thank everyone for their support. It's immensely appreciated, completely humbling, and to some degree totally unanticipated. I just wanted to change the narrative of the prevailing paradigm. This channel allows me to do such. Thank you for the opportunity.


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  1. Terminator combat machines have been rolling into the Donbass, these things are scary. Ukrainians will be shocked when they find out how many of their men have been sacrificed to the gods of NATO

  2. @Jamarl Thomas Did you hear that 53 countries, possibly including Israel, are going off the US Petro Dollar? Things aren't going too well for our nation and I have the feeling it's going to get rough, for all of us.

  3. You have to understand who controls the U.S.
    The U.S. is controlled by the descendants of Nazi's who invaded in 1935 and committed genocide on the American people. Don't know about this? That's how many people they killed in the U.S.

    For instance, these Nazi's found Nazi's in Ukraine to support. And their hatred for Russia is because if not for Russia the Nazi's would have taken over the world and there would have been world wide genocide only seen in Star Wars movies and there would be NO Russia today. All the Russian people would have been executed. All of them.

    WW II is not over yet. And these Germans who occupy and control the US want to finish the destruction of Russia that they started in the beginning of WW II. This is the entire reason for U.S. support of the war in Ukraine and all the wars they have been in since 1945.

    See, Murder of the Creoles of New Orleans 1935, Youtube. My father was there. I went to school in the USA that was mostly for German kids. I have a half sister and a half brother who have the same Nazi father in the USA.

    And Nazi's murdered people in every country they occupied so they probably control many of those other EU countries as well.

  4. Oh Mr. Thomas, please look at a map before starting a rant. Yes they are chewing away AFU with artillery but until now, unless the Ukrainians deliberately planned for it, see Mariupol, all attempts to succeed in actually establishing cauldrons have failed. The stalling of the Barvenkove offensive and the failed crossing of Bilohorivka being the most clear and painful examples. There's one aspect most observers can agree on: the very limited amount of forces Russia is using prevents the establishment of cauldrons because it demands a high concentration of (additional) manpower on specific points in the front to exploit a weakness. Russia clearly does not have those. Even the small cauldron they tried to muster through Bilohorivka, was attempted with a brigade, which is painfully inadequate. There are other aspects in play as well, but than we come in the area of speculation. Your videos could achieve a higher quality if you just would do your homework upfront. An editor would say, this isn't ready for publication.

    And those analogies with WW II. You're talking about the end of WW II, glancing over the millions of Sovjet POW's taken in the beginning. Don't pick and choose your facts.

    Couldn't muster the energy to watch beyond 05:00.

  5. The part no one is talking about is the Russian speakers in the east dont want to be part of Ukraine if Zelensky takes over hes going to have to do a genocide of epic proportions if he wants to rule eastern Ukraine

  6. I was going to say that this is thoughtful and careful analysis, very well-articulated, but actually this is amongst the very best analysis of this crisis that I have heard so far.

  7. The longer this war goes on, the more Billions, Zelensky can pocket to transfer into his offshore accounts, The more US-made weapons will be sold to terrorists worldwide on the black market for cryptocurrency, by Zelensky and his buddies. Keep in mind, he and his family have been made UK Citizens by Boris Johnston overnight, last month. He can flee as soon as his butt catches on fire. The land lease is between Ukraine and the West not Zelensky and the West. So if there’s anything remaining of Ukraine after this war, the next guy who takes over that territory will be on the hook to repay that.

  8. you need to keep in mind that zelensky is a yoo.
    the yoos NEVER care for human lives.
    if they can get 1 extra shekel, they are willing to let you die for it.
    what i still dont understand is why the christian love kneeling before them so much.

  9. Another bad take from across the pond.

    You have ignored the fact that this strategy has so far worked and Putin has given up on taking over the entirety of Ukraine.

    Wars cost lives. Well done for realising that. This isn't some revelation you have uncovered. What I say to everyone with this view… of just capitulation to save lives.

    Does that mean the US should never have succeeded? Does that mean the North should have let the South leave? Does that mean Britain and her Allies shouldn't have fought off Nazi Germany? Your critique is frankly bad and can be applied to every war in which there is an underdog.

    "Hmmm, what is Washingtons strategy? Scores of dead Americans in exchange for TIME."

  10. the absolute best break down ive heard yet.. i have followed this situation since 2014 and you nailed every much ignorance on this situation out there..i will be sending people here and hopefully they get educated on this subject..i think the west was hoping the sanctions would trigger some sort of 1991 collapse but obviously that is not going to happen..i think a military victory was the west's last option and now it seems like the only option..America in un ravelling and empires in decline act totally irrational..that is what scares me the most..not the Russian boogy man…keep reporting on this your analysis was dead on..

  11. Well a small tactical unit can take Zelensky out and the conflict will be over just like that… A small surgical airstrike can also do the work…
    If I were Putin and I had access to the hypersonic missiles Putin has at his disposal I would use one without a warhead payload as a kinetic energy weapon to take out Zelensky.
    It ends the war and it serves as a demonstration of power to those looking to oppose you in the future… All in one shoot…

  12. Lesson learned:
    Always keep good relation with your next door and surrounding neighbours.
    Always stick with your commitment on what you have agreed upon.
    Do not depend on others to solve your problem. Engage in dialogue and try to resolve. In geopolitics third party always chaotic in your problem.
    We have countries in this world who do not like peace , they want always conflict to keep their arms business alive.
    Sometimes leader has to act wisely not like a stupid.

  13. Can't actually believe that most people take Zelenky the actor seriously. He's just an actor puppy that is following orders from the western directors…lol

  14. Add the comment: First let's get the question of race answered. My great, great, great, great grandfather was black, eastern, asian, new american tonetically white?
    The scientific fact is my inheritance originates in Africa. My genes are part of you and every creature on this planet and we are connected. What has the topic Ukraine got to do with what my opinion is?
    Justice must prevail to stop whoever is committing a crime against me would paramount, and I ask the judge, jury, or both to consider it. Am I the justification for trial or am I the victim?
    There will be court from Russia and Ukraine regarding the prisoners of war with an openess and defence?Do persons of the lower echelon have a say? I say no! For Judges must prevail and may they show mercy to the youth misled and wrath to old corrupt leaders.
    Lastly with a unselfessness, I am like many old people [72 yrs] will encourage and transform our world into a world of my inheritance.

  15. It is very difficult for Zelensky to make sound decisions because he’s not the leader of the the Ukraine but a stooge of the USA and it’s poodle UK. The Ukraine people are dying whoever thinks the money and weapons he’s being offered will save the country is living in cloud cuckoo land.

  16. ()elinskiy is just an attention-grabbing pennant. 🚩. 🏴‍☠️. He flaps this way and that, changing as the wind strikes. He is a noise, the “voice” of lies of the warlords of the west. He is a happy patsy. He follows orders well as long as he is richly rewarded. He is amoral and despicable.

  17. The US cannot accept that RUSSIA !!! is conducting a Merciful military activity, probably because such a concept is unimaginable to the US War College pundits.
    It’s quite possible that, as Ukrainian soldiers communicate among themselves, more combatants will choose to surrender. They are to ()elinskiy nothing more than raw meat that he can push thru the “meat grinder” of war for his personal advancement and status of Glorious Leader. And of course the US is no better, nor is Britain.

    The new summer game is called “Which are really Nazis?” Sort out European and American leaders by their actions & associations. Have fun! 🕶👒👙🪖💀🤑

  18. It took 8 years to build the Ukraine military, that is now near defeat. They have lost all of their trained gun crews. There is no time to rebuild. Ukraine is no more, Russia is breaking it up. but, this moment is bigger than even that. The west is crumbling under it's own sanctions, as Russia becomes stronger. Oil and gas is up, Ruble is up…..U.S. hegemony is finished. Let me be clear, I am not happy as I am part of the west, but reality is setting in. Biden's admin has made a tragic empire strategy, and our people are going to suffer.. No more helicopter money, much more poverty

  19. We are going to win? Dumbas is mostly populated by Russian people, and Ukrainians who are pro Russian. They are AGAINST the Nazis nationalizing Ukraine! It is a FACT that Ukraine is being nationalized by Nazis. Not “the Russian side of the story.”… So far, we are LYING big time claiming we are winning while the Russian ruble is worth more now than during WW2… Even Saudi Arabia doesn’t want sanctions on Russia and wants to use Russian rubles! Not what I call “winning” the economic war. And the last I heard, the Russians are winning militarily too in the dumbas region. The anti tank drones that were sent over to Ukraine to be used against the Russians were blown up in their wear house in Finland before they had a chance to be delivered… They sent out dated anti tank guns that have been sitting in their wear house since 1988. They take 15 minutes to set up- if operated by trained expert soldiers- Newly drafted- try a LOT LONGER! That’s before they can fire the first projectile. Russians quickly figured out how to defeat these. They simply fly low at high speed and they don’t have time to respond. They also get taken out easily because they have sophisticated cameras that take high speed video at supersonic speed and send the exact location of all the anti tank guns and heat seeking missiles are deployed- long story short- Russia plucked them out easily as if it was a turkey shoot. Like I said originally… MONEY sickness!! MONEY- not freedom and or democracy or to help the poor people in Ukraine! NOPE!! Our weapons manufacturers want to sell their weapons!! The bigger the war, the more money they make! They are so NUTS their focus is not on winning the war! They are only concerned with selling their weapons! The anti tank drones? They will make more and try again to ship them to Ukraine. But the Russians as usual are two steps ahead of everyone else in this world when it comes to weapons and combat. They were defeated by the Nazis! They came from defeat to driving them out of Russia and killing Nazis outside their Russian border. They did this BEFORE the USA got involved in the war! Few countries can boast about doing that. I bet the Russians took one of those anti tank drones and examined it already and already have something to render them useless. We have a drone disabling weapon that sends out a signal that shuts down all drones and they go back to wherever they were sent from. Then they get lead to the location of their enemy and they can destroy them. Russia isn’t famous for its automobiles… No one wants their cars… But they are worldwide popular for their weapons!! They don’t ride camels. These weapons were used on people riding camels. They are behaving like they can fight Russia the same way they fought the helpless poor people in Iraq and Afghanistan…

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