Zero Hedge banned from Google Adwords for “comment section”

Recently Zero-hedge was banned from Google Adwords, not for their articles, but for what people said in the comments section.

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Written by The Outer Light

I am a Christian. I try to shed light, on the darkness that surrounds us. Psalm 23:1Exposing the hidden order behind the visible.


  1. Ed, you sound a little down…or perhaps tired….hope you are ok. Thanks for all of your hard work, it is appreciated very much! I always look forward to your videos. Take care of yourself. ?

  2. Google and YouTube are really craven collusive corrupt corporate liars and terrorists? Well, duh. Our Conversation is always about the lack of real principles and real conversation.

  3. ZH is more of a libertarian readership than far right. But they have to say that because THEIR positions are right wing authoritarian corporatocracies! It is the capitalist utopia by extreme means.

  4. Re: Zero Hedge being held accountable for their comments section.
    By this logic Google is liable for ALL the content it indexes and any comments that appear on Google owned sites. So they should ban themselves before they get the shit sued out of them. Archive.IS IS AMAZING!!! A VERY IMPORTANT TOOL.
    Timberlake and other “Hollywood” types have been bailing rioters out but Soros proxy Open Societies donates to AfGJ which donates to Antifa. Judicial Watch has come up against the lawyers they keep on retainer as well.
    Green Parties WW are almost universally not willing to provide a platform for the 5G debate perhaps in part because the telecoms companies (or proxies) are responsible for the Greenwashing movement, Extinction Rebellion etc. Corporate “environmentalism”. The same “environmentalism” which would recommend a Depopulation program/agenda.

  5. Honestly, I prefer the regular horizontal noise. This is very distracting to me
    Also, we don't have automatic weapons sold to the general public. Auto shoots repeatedly as long as you keep your finger on the trigger. They've been outlawed for 30+ years. Semi autos require 1 trigger pull per 1 bullet. That's pretty much every gun except revolvers, bolt action, some shot guns etc

  6. Ed are you OK? I just got an Earthquake alert from an app saying there was a 7.5 earthquake in New Zealand. I thought you were in New Zealand but I don’t know which part. Just please let me know that you’re OK pls. 7.4 is a huge earthquake. Maybe tsunami warning will come.
    God help you and yours!

  7. Seriously Ed automatic weapons ,, automatic weapons are illegal in the United States mags,, in California Oregon and Washington over 10 rounds are illegal silencers are illegal stop with the liberal talking points I'm disappointed in you if you pay for permit get the sheriff permission and never got arrested for you might get a permit for these items what you need to be squeaky-clean most law enforcement agency say no

  8. They ALSO DELETED acct. for Investigative Journalist, George Webb. His entire video selection! GONE! WTF 1stA. That is gone to. The ability to allow me he public to make our own choice. 100 thousand subs, gone! YouTube can suck!!!!