Zip Loses $1 Billion – Shares Crash to 90 cents

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Zip loses $1 billion and their shares crash to 90 cents.


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  1. I always pay petrol on zip over 4 monthly instalments . I fill up once per week and it’s been great but now 4 months later i am currently paying off 16 different zip loans 🤡

  2. Who the heck do private businesses think they are ?! Creating money out of nothing is the job of a government treasury! They should be dropped off on an island somewhere far away with all the other scammers never to be seen again!😁

  3. How can they loose a billion?
    Aussies *excluding airline staff, have become INSANELY rich from the greatest wealth creation event in history (a deadly virus by the name of Covid-19).
    Surely not even a single default would have happened, and that 4% transaction fee would be money for jam?

  4. Really? The BNPL business model has fallen over? Who would of thought? Ha ha ha. Are people really that stupid? Clearly they are. If you have to pay for fuel ,bills and food on a regular basis with BNPL , you are in serious financial trouble and you probably need to make some fundamental lifestyle changes. It is not the housing interest rates going up that is going to collapse the housing market, it is all the crap people have brought on BNPL and Harvey Norman , to put in their highly leveraged houses that will bring them undone.

  5. There’s a guy called Phil I used to listen to that feel in love with Z1p and he’s followers lost a shit load of money 💰 he went down big I believe 😮😳🫢😉😉💰💰

  6. I bought nab shares at 12.60 sold 31$

    We live in a era of extreme Monterrey corruption while central banks throw stimulus out of there arises to help bubbles stop popping.

  7. There is only one reason to use a credit card or a service like zip and that is to pay down your mortgage faster. You use the interest free period to keep your money in the mortgage saving interest. You are better off using a credit card with a reward programme. It might only be 5 bucks a month in rewards and maybe $5-10 in interest, but over 30 years that is still $3000-4000 not taking compound interest into consideration.

  8. Hey Heise, this sounds crap but some people are catapulted into the position of having to use these services, like me. I’ve been injured by a “mate” driving a boat like a DH and now off work for over 7 months. Centrelink are impossible to deal with it you are male middle class and white, even if you are signed off with medical proof. But I’ll f you are In Melbourne and could have maybe had some kind of job and on a visa you automatically get assistance. If you are female and studying to be a lawyer you automatically get assistance ($750). I am returning to work in a week of so, but the message is darn clear. Get to work you filthy tradesman scumbag and god damn pay for the rest of us or we will come and wreck your life.

  9. Bnpl value is driven by market share – sellers and buyers will prefer the dominant provider.
    Zip's weakness was allowing merchants to add on the fee, rather than include it in the sale price. Less shoppers = less merchants = less revenue.
    Effectively zip competes directly with VISA and Mastercard

  10. I don’t think “selling at the top” is a happy story . Anytime these things happen it’s showing that people are not able to balance their books. And unlike the federal and state and local governments consumers can’t get access to cheap printed money

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