Zoltan Pozsar Makes Terrifying New Prediction

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  1. Interesting. However, as the 10Y going down means money creation is tight. In other words, INFLATION is low. CPI is not primarily money printing, so you cannot look to monetary things to predict CPI.

    If you want to know about CPI, forget about peeling the onion on money printing, and worry only about supply of goods.

  2. Yes I also highly doubt it. When the poo 💩 hits the fan and stock are falling of a cliff, they will say screw inflation and let’s buy everything in sight. At the same time raise inflation target from 2% to 4%

  3. Hundreds of people employed at the FED have PhDs in economics. Yet, they can't get anything right. More egregious, is the fact that they almost always make things much worse. Furthermore, they NEVER have to suffer the consequences of their mistakes. The economy of a nation as large as the US is a Complex System. The complex nature and relationship of the components of such a system makes it extremely difficult to model with any degree of accuracy. Yet, the hubris and inflated egos of those same PhDs at the FED will not allow them to admit to themselves or to the world that they are clueless, bumbling fools married to some untestable theory. In short, they're charlatans and need to be exposed as such. This won't happen, of course, because the other charlatans in power (our honorable politicians) need the fraudsters at the FED to do their bidding so they can continue to wage monetary war on the middle class.

  4. You talk about the bond market getting it right most of the time. It's decades since inflation… bond traders forget what happens.
    There will be a depression, it's unavoidable

  5. It would be interesting to watch what happens if you even get interest rate close to 5 %. My guess is it would crush the low and middleclass and doing little or nothing on the inflation.

  6. When you say the Fed 'keeps interest rates artificially high or low' are you not ascribing Prime Mover status to what are essentially Narrative Engineers? If the Fed keeps anything, it tries to keep its storyline consistent so that onlookers can kid themselves into believing it is a Prime Mover and not a spinner of tall tales. I'm thinking Jeff Snyder of course and his EUD shortage/deflation thesis.

    Interest rates aren't 'artificially' anywhere. They are where they are IN REAL LIFE. What is artificial or at least specious is the notion that the Fed can pigeonhole rates anywhere along the yield curve at a level it desires.

  7. To get a good idea of the mindset of those trying to fix the nation's financial woes, just look at the educational debt forgiveness scam. To qualify, you must have been a career public service employee. That's right, gainfully employed at prevailing wage for 20 years. There is forgiveness offered for those deemed disabled, but on a 5yr reevaluation program, yet the majority are on a 3yr reevaluation classification. Disqualifying most on disability. Students in private for profit schools , previously qualified by the fed's, are fully forgiven, while teasing a possible pittance for public school attendees. Sure seems like equal protections and representation violations set forth by the 14th Amendment.

  8. Housing prices here in Florida have risen nearly 30% in less than a year. Wall Street is going higher since June and we in a game of chicken with China and Russia. Not to mention Taiwan makes 90% of the chips the world uses. And has most of the worlds lithium. While we are pushing EV with an under sized power grid. Something has to give.

  9. Amen! Loved you thought process about the ‘vid infection and the peoples right of choice.. locking up small businesses as the large corporations got to stay open. Locking up outside activities was ignorant.. better to give information about lessening and preventing the “vid.. being in the medical field I saw that the flu was devastating but the misinformation from our government, CDC and WHO was criminal! Locking up the people and small businesses =>This is why over 50% of small businesses are out of business and big corporations are making a killing! Is this on purpose to make slaves of the working class by the new world order is a good possibility!

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