Zuby Broke The British Women’s Deadlift Record – The Butterfield Effect 033

British rapper, podcaster and author Zuby joins me on the podcast today to chat about the Black Lives Matter protests, his twitter controversy and how he broke the British Women’s Deadlift Record.




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Written by Isaac Butterfield

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  1. Issac Pls pls pls make this more aware. This woman on tiktok who promotes that you should feed your dog a vegan diet.. and yeah shes also a vegan but quite frankly this is animal abuse

  2. I was raised by my mother and I don't feel fully masculine, this is my issue, no way in hell will I point to other people for my problems all I will ask of others is give me a hand getting my balls and masculinity back.

  3. Articulate, thoughtful, free-thinking, and calm. This guy is the worst enemy of the thought police. I only vaugley recall his deadlifting video, but thank you for making me aware of him again.

  4. Wow. Such bullshit about BLM!
    At 20:50 Zuby says "if you look on their website … their stated goals" etc. I did, and what I found is very different to spin being broadcast here.The "Disrupting the nuclear family"refers to disrupting "the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable" and "make our spaces family-friendly and enable parents to fully participate with their children." Not a problem for fathers at all!
    The proposal to defund the police is put money towards solutions that work rather than continue to put funds into educating police which over the years has not changed any outcomes, and there is no "ultimately abolishing the police" as a goal.
    The "LGBTQ agenda" is simply a statement of support and inclusion. What is Zuby threatened by here?
    BLM UK has their goals on their twitter. They are not committed to dismantling capitalism but the "structures that disproportionately and systematically harm black people in Britain and around the world".
    By the way, at 21:54 what is Zuby referring to as "The organisation"? BLM is a decentralised association of regional chapters with no particular leaders.
    At 22:10 Zuby criticises BLM with "You can't just be talking about the 0.001% of black people who to happen get killed by a white police officer."
    Zuby has shot himself in the foot by referring to the BLM website and goals and then making a ridiculous summary accusing BLM of a narrow focus that is patently wrong to anyone that bothers to read BLM's stated goals.
    Then he goes on about "Why don't we agree on the core issue…"
    Zuby needs to get away from the straw man b.s. he just set up, and actually read the BLM goals because Zuby has pretty much restated the key one as a starting point for agreement! ??‍♂️
    26:50 "chill, talk and get to the rudiments" Yes, Zuby. Start by looking at your own misrepresentation of BLM.
    Butterfield's comments that immediately follow only illustrate his profound ignorance.

  5. I believe it was an experiment my the democratic party in the 1960s which gave affordable housing and welfare to black people for a specific area, where I guess they were trying to make a utopia. But instead what happened was since the black people were being given free money just barely enough to live off of and no incentive to working hard they chose not to work hard and honestly and many of them turned to selling drugs and doing a bunch of under the table stuff, eventually leading to the ghettos we have now. So, to wrap up it's a bit of everyone's fault. The Black people choosing not to do more and the democratic govs feeding it.

  6. I go shopping with a measuring tape dressed in a hazmat suit , When I get to the counter I stand back 2 metres and put the money on the conveyor belt and say if you want your money use the conveyor belt. then she asks me if i want a bag and I said No I left her at home in lockdown. : )

    leftards banned plastic bags then try to sell you one, go figure the logic there.

    The best is still to come.
    Left. Right, Division, what matters is Truth and unity

    United we stand divided we fall

    Not all monuments are to extract pride but to look at and to learn, to show how bad we can be
    or how we have become better people.

    Not all lives matter That's why we go to war! Aboriginal's killed wild life to eat, speared many of their own people

    Some Backs are racist some Whites are racists not all lives matter. Justice for all move on.

    All these Leftards live in am echo chamber.
    Many aboriginals are police and solderers and have done a good job to bring respect to their communities

    and have helped made Australia to what it is today. Sure we are not perfect but certainly a lot better then we have been Unite is the only way forward

    When you import division you get division. I love All patriots of Australia they are the glue that holds us together we have always been multi race not multi culture.

    When the culture revolution was introduced to Australia we started having division its a failure of the new world order and UN programs.

    The future is more exciting because you are the future. Go forth and become better people.

    I love my country Black, White what ever the color of your skin. Unite under what we all believe in Mateship!

    I loved the days when we could leave our front doors open without fear, It's Australia Day every Day! be Proud and loud,


    It's like the garbage these leftards spread it's like a religion to them.

    To be religious is not to be free; it is to be caged within the bounds of its beliefs.
    There is more to life and refusal to see you will always be blind.
    I don't see racism I hear racism.
    We have learnt very little, if we always discus what we have already learnt.

    There is so much more to learn lets go on together and add to our knowledge of growing up into a world we all can be proud of.
    Nothing is perfect. That is too hard to achieve. Perfection can only come when we are finished. How long is a piece of string?

    The young need to make their mark on life but when they are deliberately misinformed we have lost order.

    Going over old ground returns so little. A new and exciting world lays a head don’t get lost in the past.

    The past is a reference to guide our future that’s all. It is not where we live.

    We are all ready better people and the best is still to come

  7. before i knew this guy, i hated him, because of the whole logic behind it being stupid. now that i find out he did it for a joke and to show how ridiculous it is, i support it, cause i saw it from the wrong side

  8. This video need more views. It was refreshing to hear a normal conversation for once.

    So many great quotes here to.
    My favorite: "We need to stop entertaining this nonsense" (you´ll find the context in the video…)

    Ty both for taking the time making this. Maybe a part 2 at some point?

  9. Hmm, a guy setting records in the female athletic field. Seems fair to me. Does not sound at all convenient to call yourself a chick in order to set records you can't set as a man.