Zuckerberg Admits FBI Collusion Against Trump


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  1. 'I bet in 2 years you could get a robot to write these articles'.

    Probably, but that's irrelevant. Because the normies don't actually read articles, just the headlines. Which is why it's so easy to manipulate them; just throw out a bunch of 'articles' with no real content, but similar titles and an obvious left wing bent, and you'll have idiots arguing in the comments all day long.

  2. Like Walsh said, this is even worse then Twitter who outright blocked the story. At least you knew they were doing it. Facebook sneakily deranked the story to make it seem like nothing was going on.

  3. The problem with this narrative is that Zuck spent over $400 million of his own money to """influence""" the outcome of the 2020 elections. In at least one state, it's already been declared that this was bribery. So the idea that he was an unwilling participant isn't credible.

  4. The fbi wanting to suppress a story of a political opponent and Facebook going along with it should be front page news and bring down the demo, fbi and zuc, but what actually happens…nothing

  5. We have gone from Metal Gear Solid 2 to Metal Gear Solid 4. Where now information is being suppressed and changed. Wow. To think a video game over 20 years old called it so clearly.

  6. He knows the % it was downplayed. The dude is bragging about what he did. He pretty much went on Joe Rogan and told the Government hey. Pay us. We will persuade elections for the right price. 😀

  7. “Potentially harmful” to Biden senior’s campaign which was proven a year later when this sh*t finally came out and a large number of voters said they would have changed their vote away from Biden had they known about this. Third party fact checkers 🤣. Like they are impartial. Free and fair elections are in the past in the US now. AI now finding hidden swimming pools for tax purposes but by next year they will be writing these articles.

  8. The FBI told him that there was a lot of Russian misinformation in 2016 – hasn't that been shown to have been instigated by Hilary Clinton and her acolytes? He's still pushing the lie that 'the Russians got Trump the Presidency'.

  9. FBI: "We routinely advise entities within the United States of possible disinformation."

    Strange thing for the FBI to say when the FBI had possession of the proof it was NOT disinformation, especially when they were actively trying to cover it up…which is itself an acknowledgement that it was real and not disinformation.

    But hey, FBI man… They're too busy letting the next mass shooter off the leash.

  10. The problem is lizard boy, you can't trust the 3rd party fact checkers. Mainly because they aren't 3rd party, they work for the swamp. Zuckerberg is naive at best.

  11. "Big shock, but" is apparently pronounced "big shook'uh, boot'suh" in whatever annoying dialect Harry speaks with as he wears his weird 1970s used car salesman suit that his mum laid out for him.

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