Zuckerberg Responds To Facebook Whistleblower


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  1. aaah yes the good `ol yetus deletus… want bother with more dance qeen i guess and fingers where they should not be…and it was such a creative post… oh well the world will never know

  2. No it's more like each DNS server belonging to a Facebook property, has an upper level DNS server above it, and that happened to be the same exact server for every Facebook property….because Facebook is run by fucking morons who have never heard of fault tolerance

  3. I'm not exactly thrilled about defending FB but I gotta call them like I see them. This whole 'safety' thing is BS. FB is a social media site. It's a platform, at least it's supposed to be. It's not a roller coaster park or an industrial forge or a race track or something. The only safety concern should be protection of sensitive private data and computer viruses.

  4. Nice video mate. It just confirms why when a jealous ex hacked my Facebook account all those years ago (it was only live for one week) I never bothered trying to get back in.
    Seems like a party I am obliged to be at… Yet I know as always I am just going to end up in the kitchen talking to the dog!!!

  5. Assange and Snowden need to flee and hide for fear of their lives and the medias are stacked against them.
    Now you tell me this woman comes out publicly to impose laws on internet and everyone and the medias are all yes pleasee!
    Yeah no.

  6. I've figured it out. Zuckerberg IS the algorithm!

    There must have been a power surge or some kind of accident years ago at the dawn of Facebook when he was working at his computer station.

    I bet he regenerates every twelve hours in an alcove like the Borg.

  7. zucker to the board members : were not relavent anymore what do we do ?
    the quiet board member in the back : we could have a fake scandal to generate media attention
    zucker : go bribe the ugly chick in the mail room to lie to the media for us …

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