Zuckerberg Tells Far Left Boycott To Pound Sand, Says Boycott Will BACKFIRE

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  1. Look, you are a good dude but you seem to not be able to read between the lines, Zuckerberg is simply playing both sides because he learned from the elite that their is only one side. He loves the left and hates the right, but he will use both to profit is the bottom line. Just like elected officials, intelligence community, politicians and so on. The elite know their is no right or left, just the illusion so people will believe they have a choice! Trump may be on the right but he knows this too, he is the only reason the republican officials haven't been able to finish selling America out along with the left, that is why so many on the left and right hate him. Down with Zuckerberg no matter how easily he convinced you he came around and is now claiming to be taking a stance on the left.

  2. Leaving fb was a wise choice. I know there's no getting away from everything while on the net, but when I changed my search engine in the fone and nixed fb the bullshit lowered drastically on other platforms. 90% of the political and other bullshit ads were gone.

  3. Parley, DuckDuckGo, Bitchute….now I get all my usuals news and heaps heaps more that’s normally censored. Pity more don’t make the switch…wouldn’t have half this shit if people bothered to educate themselves

  4. Honestly, this is all for show anyway. I seriously doubt companies like Coca Cola suddenly became opposed to all the diversity speak they stuff their ads with. Yes, polarization is never good when it has already turned into anarchistic attacks. But these brands are not really 'suffering' from far left attacks. They pretend to, but in fact have pretty much never done better. That's the issue with any type of cancelling nonsense. I don't think it would even work against Coca Cola. We might actually be seeing companies do this who do not need the marketing at this point and are really just saving some money during what is a global crisis. And lastly I doubt Facebook really wants to piss off the far left. The platform has moved so far to the left, it doesn't even know what moderates think. Even assuming these particular brands are now more comfortable in the political middle, it's their own fault for becoming political. Especially true for Nike. If Facebook would know, they would expect a very likely Trump win. And yes, the article is 50% fake news in how it pretends those massive brands ever listened to the woke far left hate mob. But at the same time the far left will claim it as victory, so it kind of doesn't matter…

  5. I am the opposite I have boycotted Facebook until after election because of their threat to block right pac ads. I will not add to Facebook ad revenue. Facebook is a community operating in the USA and should abide by our First Amendment. End censorship

  6. Do you ever wonder if the reason the media keeps giving these internet platforms crap for running political ads is so that they will spend that money with them instead?

  7. I am a conservative and know many of us quit Facebook long ago. It became a badge or honor to go to facebook jail. Facebook is a big joke now. Free speech go to PARLER. It iis better for now.

  8. P Trump put him out of business he's a liar and a criminal, not worth to make money, put a 10 billion dollar fine on his ass, and time in jail! He's a creep and freak!

  9. Just quit using it. They surveil everybody on there. I got off FB after the last election and I have to say it feels good. Haven't been back since. Their games suck and everbody on there is too busy with drama anyway. Just go hang out in real life again.

  10. I hate Trumps personality. I'm gonna vote for him but I just hate the fact that there are so many people who are leftists because of how Trump comes off. Trump with a better personality would've been the best thing for America. He gives people ammo against him and for that reason , I get annoyed with him. Many times he makes it hard to defend him.